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This decision has not come easy, but I have been mulling over it for quite some time now. With the return to school and a full class load, the proper choice became quite clear. Starting next week, WCST will be updating twice a week, Mondays and Fridays.

When I started this webcomic I held no delusions about the kind of place I was throwing myself into. I spent a good (quantity, not quality) amount of my own time trashing other people’s work on the web. So what happened today really did not come as a surprise. Well, it was actually surprising that [...]

Okay fine, the title doesn’t exactly gel, but you try rhyming something awesome with “nerd”. It is my theory that you can’t write webcomics unless you are a total nerd about something. And while I do dabble in a bunch of things here and there, like Star Trek and WoW, and I do pick up [...]

I’ve realized that there is a fairly significant difference between me, and the creators of my favourite webcomics. And that is the fact that I have the benefit of having those webcomics created before mine. When I started WCST, I’ve been reading webcomics like mad for almost a year. And even before then, I read [...]

The following is a paid public service announcement from everyone here at We Can Sleep Tomorrow. Which is pretty much me, my cats, and not even my fiancée, who is living two towns over during the summer. I’m not planning to make this webcomic my personal soapbox with my characters merely mouthpieces voicing my own [...]

I’ve been drawing WCST for over nine months now, and this blog feature has been sitting quietly without use. Now, admittedly, is not the best time to start; with handling a 9-5 job for the first time (or 8:30- 5:40, as it currently stands), making sure I spend time with the fiancee and with my [...]