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Sorry folks, looks like the day job caught up with me this week. Comic should be up sometimes late Monday, though.

I wish time was infinite. Sadly, it isn’t, and I’m beginning to realize this more and more as the weeks pass. The truth is, I’m usually in the office from 8 to 6:30 every weekday and after I’ve finished comicking, there isn’t much time for me to do anything else. So that was pretty much [...]

Hello friends and fans. As I’m sure only some of you are aware, I will be getting married this coming October to the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. Now, with marriage, come great responsibilities, like the obligation to get the shit out of here and go somewhere nice on a honeymoon. I’m barely keeping [...]

Things really seem to be coming full circle here. About three years ago to the day, I sat in a big lecture hall, in a university I’ve never been to before, in a city I’ve only visited twice, wondering what the hell I was doing. In front of me sat four students from said university [...]

Surprising even myself, I’ve delivered on the promise to do some updates. I’ve posted a couple of extra pics on the Facebook page, including one that tracks the progression of the looks of the characters over the years. I’ve begun tweeting again, so if you want to know my mundane thoughts over the course of [...]

Contrary to my recent (lack of) activity I’m still around and the website isn’t just running on an ever-depleting buffer. I apologize for my general radio silence these last two months, but I have been tired as hell. The number one culprit here is school. Straight after high school I went and did my undergrad. [...]

The inaugural Ustream is online RIGHT NOW (6 PM EST)! Go to there, and keep the laughing to a minimum.

So Happy Halloween everyone, hopefully the hangover from the full weekend of debauchery has left you able to look at a computer screen without wincing, otherwise me writing this is kind of pointless. In a way, I had a deprived childhood. Or is that “depraved”? Probably a little of both. You see, Russia doesn’t do [...]

Hey folks, sorry I haven’t written anything here for a while, but I guess I was too immersed in working on that elusive buffer, which at least now is back up to two weeks (yay!). Also, I’ve been trying to string together the storylines for the gang’s last year in high school. This revealed to [...]

As you can see from my About page, and pretty much from my drawings in general, I was a writer before I was an artist. And while the comic medium is new and challenging for me (I’ve been told that I sometimes drown in text, so I’ve been working on that, to an extent), I [...]