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Unwelcome Guests

Oh Darren, I don’t know whether to congratulate or euthanize you.

Click on the “Courtney” tag to refresh your memory.

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  1. Nikit

    Very sweet pictures. I’m goign to try again, but Benjamin thhguot looking down at the grass was good. Or as soon as he see’s the camera he zero’s in on it and just stares but won’t do his cute smiles, I definetly need to be the one getting him to smile not snapping the pictures I guess, or soon he will come around I’m sure.

  2. Bichu

    Beautiful pictures they are all great!Love the B&W of Ansel laynig on the ground just waiting for his first bug to come by.Also the one with Ansel being kissed by mom and dad.You better get one of each.

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