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Surprising even myself, I’ve delivered on the promise to do some updates. I’ve posted a couple of extra pics on the Facebook page, including one that tracks the progression of the looks of the characters over the years. I’ve begun tweeting again, so if you want to know my mundane thoughts over the course of the day you are welcome to subscribe. I’ve retroactively updated tags to all the comics since the beginning. Now you can track characters, relationships, and themes through the archives.

I’ve also added a few minor changes to the About page. The Cast page was given a significant improvement. All the portraits have been updated from early this year, save for one. I also made changes to some of the bios to account for the plot since the comic began.

The biggest addition I think I’ve done this time around is the NEW READERS tab at the top of the page. Don’t be fooled by the name though, it’s not just for new readers. Basically, it links to the About and the Cast page, but most importantly, it sets out a summary of the plot since the comic began. Since time progresses, and long-form stories are abound in WCST, I thought it would be useful for any new reader to go get acquainted with the plot if they don’t want to go through the archives to catch up. Old-time readers might also like this page. I don’t expect you guys to be all like me and remember every minute detail of what happened here in the last two years. So if you want some light reading and a good refresher, head over there and enjoy your stay.

Also, I would like to welcome and thank all of the new readers for giving my comic a chance. And especially thank all of the established readers for giving me the motivation to continue.

Stay awesome.

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