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Contrary to my recent (lack of) activity I’m still around and the website isn’t just running on an ever-depleting buffer. I apologize for my general radio silence these last two months, but I have been tired as hell. The number one culprit here is school. Straight after high school I went and did my undergrad. And with no break after that, I went to grad school, where I’m now in the middle of my third year. That’s a lot of uninterrupted schooling there and I can’t wait to get out in April and be done with it forever. If I ever declare that I’m going for another degree, or a Master’s, please shoot me, for I have gone mad and am probably a threat to myself and the public.

December exams were probably the most brutal three weeks of my life in terms of studying. Which were following shortly by a 36 hours Why-the-fuck-is-this-happening kind of trip back home for the holidays, which, by the way, happened to be obscenely short this year. And then another almost 24 hour trip back here, straight into classes and a graduation-requirement project that was due a few days ago. Needless to say, I am so done with this. And so every day after I study, I draw WCST just so I don’t lose my buffer, then I mindlessly blow shit up in whatever video game I am currently addicted to (presently, that would be Red Faction: Guerrilla, which I seriously suggest you pick up immediately), and then sleep too little and repeat the cycle again.

So now I pledge to you that I will stop being a whiny bitch, and try to develop some extra content for the comic. This involves more active tweeting here. Posting more stuff on the Facebook page here. And writing more entries on this here website, and updating some of the content. I realize that on the web, just posting a comic isn’t enough. I need to interact with the fans, my few but dedicated fans. And so that is what I will try to do. All the while getting through my last set of textbooks EVER. Seriously, I complain, but I am super excited to graduate and enter a whole new stage of my life. Also, there’s wedding planning being done, and the many bumps and hiccups along the way. Monogamy is not for the faint-of-heart, because when you see a catering bill for a wedding of 90, you will need a strong ticker to not give out at the sight of the numbers. Believe that.

PS: Just as I go to post this, the site is running like molasses. I have angered the internet, but I don’t know how.

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  1. Lanthal

    No excuses!! you have a responsibility to have comics completed and the site running smoothly! I don’t care about your personal life!! …

    That would be what a douche-bag would say.

    *I* say, do what needs doing. If you need to do some serious sleep catch-up then do it. Don’t burn yourself out or you might end up hating doing this comic and that would be a loss for everyone.

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