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The inaugural Ustream is online RIGHT NOW (6 PM EST)! Go to there, and keep the laughing to a minimum.

Post-Stream Musings (Nov 27, 2010):
Okay, so maybe I was planning on writing this the day after the Ustream, but my procrastination on this blog has really kicked in now that the end of the semester is approaching and I got my nose in my textbooks. As long as the comics themselves update on time, I guess you guys have nothing to complain about, right?

Anyway, first Ustream was a tonne of fun, and I have to agree with Jeph Jacques, it also makes it much more productive since I am not dicking around half the time reading stuff on the internet or just staring at my wall contemplating its … flatness. I got a couple of viewers tuning in, too, some of whom woke up at an obscenely early hour on a Saturday just to watch. These guys, these guys are the real heroes of webcomics. Because without them, guys like me would have no one to draw for, and it would be just a crazy guy posting scribbles on the internet – kinda like a hobo walking down the street yelling at no one in particular.

Only complaint I guess I had, which was pretty specific to that Ustream and not the process in general, is my frigging back, which has, for no good reason, been killing me these past couple of weeks, particularly when I am bending over my Cintiq. This kind of gets in the way of the marathon periods of sitting that would normally accompany a Ustream session. So I think, for now, I will put them on hold while I get this back issue straightened out (it’s like it knows. It wasn’t hurting much for the whole day, and now that I’m writing this it’s like: “I’m still here! What now, bitch?”), but I will definitely be doing it again. Actually, putting my back together with exams, together with Christmas vacation for which I will not be bringing my Cintiq, next stream will be sometime in January.

Just follow me on Twitter to find out when it will happen next, and I hope to see you there.

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