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Hey folks, sorry I haven’t written anything here for a while, but I guess I was too immersed in working on that elusive buffer, which at least now is back up to two weeks (yay!). Also, I’ve been trying to string together the storylines for the gang’s last year in high school. This revealed to me the unintended consequence of the two-comics schedule – I’m having to cut some planned arcs because there’s one third less comics to do them in. Oh well, I’ll manage and hopefully their senior year will live up to my expectations.

As promised in the last entry, this week I will share with you my superbly fun and awesome summer project, which you’ve only seen in semi-constructed form a few months ago. Behold:


3800 pieces and three levels of Death Star scenes from Star Wars. I drool just thinking about it (since my baby is currently in a different city than me).

Here’s the other side:


Yes, that it is in fact an old Super Nintendo on the floor. My little brother friggin loves the Donkey Kong Country games.

I’ve also included a few close-ups of my favourite scenes. Here’s the rope-swinging scene in Episode 4:


And here’s a combination of three. From the New Hope again.


We got the cell block scene up top, an actual chute that leads directly to the garbage compactor below, that not only compacts, but has an opening sliding escape door, and a menacing-looking Dianoga lurking in the depths. Also note Obi-Wan Kenobi deactivating the tractor beam to the right.

And here’s a section of the model that is just a pure explosion of awesome:


We got us here the Emperor’s bodyguards, Palpatine on his throne, and the climactic battle between Darth and Luke. The people at Lego are nothing short of brilliant.

This piece makes a great addition to my overall Star Wars Lego collection, and is possibly the best SW set there is in existence. I felt kinda sad when I finished it, because with Lego, the building is potentially more fun than just looking at the finished product.

So there’s my little summer project for view, hope you enjoyed.

PS: I am also now on twitter, so if you want to follow me that would be highly encouraged. Please click here before I figure out how to do a shortcut button on the website. Don’t judge me and my internet illiteracy!

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