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As you can see from my About page, and pretty much from my drawings in general, I was a writer before I was an artist. And while the comic medium is new and challenging for me (I’ve been told that I sometimes drown in text, so I’ve been working on that, to an extent), I have been writing short stories and unfinished novels since I was in Grade 4. And like any good-hearted writer, I quite enjoy wreaking havoc with words. So back in the time of having a daily newspaper arrive at my breakfast table every morning, I used to send in all kinds of bitchy opinion letters complaining about all sorts of stupid crap. Racist editors, name changes to beloved landmarks, the local team’s trading habits, and, the issue that obviously is the most pressing, super-bright headlights. No, seriously, how the hell is someone supposed to watch the road when some jerkass in a BMW is illuminating the back of your head with those interrogation lights? Okay, fine, I sound like an old man, which is exactly why my friend said she thought the letter was from some cranky geezer before she looked at the name.

Now, I also got some stuff published in high school magazines, including creative writing, but now that I read back on it, all I see is whiny emo poetry. Okay for emo poetry, but emo poetry nonetheless. And even though I have sent out what appears to be a metric shyte-tonne of manuscripts, I’m still waiting to get my first legitimate short story published, and to sign that lucrative multi-novel contract, and have my books made into movies by Michael Bay. Actually, scratch that last part, I’ll never be that desperate.

Anyway, the bottom line is, it is really neat to see your name in print, even if it’s not underneath the title of the next great American novel. This is why I am giddy to my knickers about the fact that my school newspaper approached me with an offer to supply them with comics for their entertainment section this year. And voila:

WCST in Ultravires 01

I have to admit, the comic actually looks better in print than it does on the web. Something about the colours, which is one of the many things I will try to work on to make this webcomic more enjoyable. And I’m really excited because this gives me an opportunity to do some topical humour, which I tend to avoid in writing WCST, and also to do some caricatures, which is also always good fun. Even though the circulation of this publication is at most a few hundred people, every little bit helps, and I enjoy entertaining people, so even if this development means I make just a handful laugh once every month, my mission is pretty much accomplished.

Another exciting development (I use the term loosely, since I’m pretty sure the excitement is unlikely to spread anywhere past the two feet directly around my head) that comes from this is a crack at an unofficial new strip. Because my topical humour cannot go under the WCST label, and there’s no point of having these one-off jokes go to waste, I’ve created a new character: Joey Avocado – the star of his own self-titled print/web comic. For now, the strip will only exist in the school newspaper, and the humour is not entirely general interest, but hopefully one day this will become a completely independent strip. If anyone out there is crazy enough to offer their artist services in full partnership on this strip, I will be delighted at the prospect.

Anyway, that’s enough autobiography for the day, see you next blog entry, when I’ll share with you my fully operational Lego Death Star.

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  1. Lanthal

    Congratulations! That is a huge deal! A bit of extra exposure might bring in a few more readers and that’s never a bad thing! Well done.

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