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I just … well … ’nuff said.

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My deep apologies everybody, but pushing the comic back again until Tuesday night. Thinking of switching to a Wednesday update schedule since it might work better with the way each week pans out. either way, no skipped update, just an embarrassingly late one.

Sorry folks, looks like the day job caught up with me this week. Comic should be up sometimes late Monday, though.

I wish time was infinite. Sadly, it isn’t, and I’m beginning to realize this more and more as the weeks pass. The truth is, I’m usually in the office from 8 to 6:30 every weekday and after I’ve finished comicking, there isn’t much time for me to do anything else. So that was pretty much my life for the last two months, and it’s been pretty damn difficult. I enjoy drawing and writing WCST, and the last thing I want to do is for it to interfere so much with the rest of my life that I grow to despise it. So, as much as this decision pains me, I also believe it is necessary for all those involved. So, starting with this Monday’s update, WCST will update only once a week, on Mondays.

The alternatives aren’t all that attractive. I doubt that I can keep up with the current schedule. And I would never want to quit. There are characters and stories that I want to keep alive, and even though the flame will be a small one, it will still burn brightly. I just hope you would be able to return to me every Monday, and share this experience with you.

You guys have been awesome so far, so I hope you’re as chill about this development as you’ve been about other things. On the bright side, the time I will free up can also be partially invested into making each individual comic of higher quality.

Stay awesome,


Hello friends and fans. As I’m sure only some of you are aware, I will be getting married this coming October to the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. Now, with marriage, come great responsibilities, like the obligation to get the shit out of here and go somewhere nice on a honeymoon. I’m barely keeping up with the update schedule as it is, and getting the buffer up for my recent Edmonton trip was already a challenge. Bottom line is, I don’t want to get any beach sand in my Cintiq, and I don’t want the site to sit idly by for two weeks, because you just might get bored and never visit me again and I will be lonely and sad. So thus I will turn to you. Consider this an open call for fan submissions to get me through my honeymoon. Anything goes, I suppose, but keep it clean(ish). A whole comic. A drawing. An epic stick person battle (though preferably WCST-related). I want to reward you guys for being such great fans. Now, don’t go crying that you “can’t draw goodly” because I’m not sure if you aware, I’m not so great either and therefore won’t judge. Make all your submissions to wecansleeptomorrow[at]gmail[dot]com and I look forward to seeing your creativity go nuts.

Stay awesome,


PS: Since I will probably need a little bit to prep the submissions for posting online, and I don’t know how busy I will be in the days leading to the wedding, let’s say the deadline for submissions is September 30th. Looking forward to them!

Things really seem to be coming full circle here. About three years ago to the day, I sat in a big lecture hall, in a university I’ve never been to before, in a city I’ve only visited twice, wondering what the hell I was doing. In front of me sat four students from said university convincing me to pick their school. All the while I was daydreaming about the two feet of snow outside the building, and about how I missed real winters since leaving Moscow. About three thousand miles from the city I loved I was making my decision to leave it behind for at least three years and start on an adventure whose scope I couldn’t begin to comprehend.

Fast-forward three years. I’m sitting in a large lecture hall, this time at the front, with twenty-five wide-open pairs of eyes staring back at me. I’m not a walking billboard, and I wasn’t paid to advertise the school, I’m just telling them what I learnt while I was getting my PhD in Real Shit (just in case you’re wondering, I didn’t get a PhD in anything, nor am I planning to. Them bitches is crazy.) I told them what I wished someone had told me many years ago, it will be hard … and it will be awesome.

These twenty five young people perhaps are not starting a journey quite as turbulent as mine, and perhaps theirs is even more turbulent. I moved away from my parents, I moved in with my girlfriend, I got engaged, I picked up a pen and started drawing, I created a website, I started going to the gym, I remained a complete introvert while missing all my friends from the West Coast. And now that I was sitting there preparing the next batch of hopefuls for the years to come, I finally came to the realization that this is ending for me. In three months, our bachelor apartment will be empty. In four months, I will be starting a 9-5 job. In six months, WCST will be turning two years old. In seven months, we will be married. In eight months, I will hit the quarter-century mark. Where has the time gone and where is it going?

This is especially quaint to look at when I look at my characters, hobbling about seven years behind me in terms of life experience. Where will they be when they hit my age? Where will I be seven years from now? Bottom line is, what you always have to remember, is that life is fun, as long as you believe that it can be fun. Let’s all grow up together, you, me, and the cast of WCST.

Stay awesome.